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 As a professional Fitness Coach, my passion is to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle. Everybody is unique, with  their own strengths and limitations. My training for you is based on your current health, schedule and more importantly, your fitness goals. I aim to transform your body and mind while influencing you to make more mindful decisions when it comes to your health.

+ M.Ed. Health Promotion & Health Education

+ B.S. Biology and Exercise Science

+ Certified Personal Trainer

+ Certified Speed & Agility Instructor


I graduated with a BS in Biology and Exercise Science from Illinois College while also competing as a sprinter on the track and field team. After graduating I obtained a master's degree  (Health Promotion and Health Education) from the University of Missouri.  I finished my athletic career at Mizzou as a sprinter on the track and field team while completing my master's degree.

          I enjoy staying active, being outside and finding new ways to challenge myself. In my spare time, you can find me lifting weights, running / biking the MKT & Katy Trail and attending Mizzou sporting events.



"Mark's Coaching & Accountability Was Exactly

What I Needed To Meet My Health Goals." -- Douglas S

"I Am Stronger And Move Better Thanks

To Mark's Coaching. Improving My Core Strength Has Helped Me Tremendously In My Daily Activities." -- Rachel D

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Hear What Others Have to Say

After working with Mark as my personal trainer from June 21, 2016 till August 30, 2017, I saw significant improvements in my overall health; i.e. increased upper and lower body as well as core strength, improved stamina and weight loss. I also became confident working out independently in the gym. Mark's attention to proper body positioning on all exercises and his ability to cue for corrections in a timely manner enabled me to get the most out of each session. In addition his choice of exercises and routines for my ability and fitness goals included strength as well as aerobic and were varied and never boring.  Mark kept every activity challenging yet attainable, sometimes breaking an exercise down to activate the targeted muscles in order for a movement to be carried out.  As a result I saw weekly progress without becoming sore or injured.
Mark's ever expanding knowledge of workout techniques, nutrition and researching on health issues was a boost to my taking ownership of my own health.

-- Jan, client for over 1 year

After I turned 50, I decided it was finally time to focus on getting fit -- better late than never right?  I tried getting fit on my own but my cardio-only workouts weren't getting the results I wanted.  I'm so thankful I found Mark Hughes to help me achieve my fitness goals.  Mark really focuses on technique to ensure safety and to gain maximum benefit while making working out hard fun and challenging.  What a difference having a great trainer like Mark makes!  I even asked Mark to video me doing chin ups, dead lifts and barbell squats.  I never imagined I could do any of those things and now I have a video to prove to my husband that I really can!

-- Judy, client for 4 years


Mark was my trainer for over two years,  He developed an exercise program for me that took into account my weaknesses (out of shape and moderately severe DJD in one knee) yet challenged me.  I found I have strengths as well.  Through Mark’s demonstration, explanation, and coaching I learned that correct form is not just how an exercise looks, but how it is supposed to feel to get correct muscle activation and consequent strength development.  Mark’s training included free weights, body weight, weight training equipment/machines, and bands, Swiss balls, medicine balls, etc.  I liked the variety.  I also liked his knowledge of different movements to target the same muscles.

-- Teresa, client for over 2 years

When my first trainer left for another job I was hesitant about getting a new one for many reasons- would I continue my previous workouts, would I continue to progress, would he start me on a brand new program, etc. Mark worked strength with me and it took the tightness out of my lower back and neck, my knees felt better and I could move around and walk with less effort than before.

-- Sean, client for 1 year


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